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My wife speaks German and I don’t.  It’s funny, I actually find it extremely erotic when she speaks German, and I love it when she speaks to me as a domme to a sub in German especially.  In the past, she’s said some naughty things to me in German, telling me what she wanted to do to me.

I find it very erotic when she says these things to me because I can only half-understand them, though I can gather her meaning through context if nothing else.  I also love it when later she translates for me and tells me in English what she said to me in German.

I ‘d love it if my wife started integrating in a little German with our BDSM play, perhaps even requiring me to do some Rosetta Stone (or similar) training.  Of course, having me count the strokes in German while she whips or flogs me would be an excellent way of learning numbers, especially because if I screwed up on one of them we’d have to start over with one.  Then maybe once I can understand more German — at least enough to follow her commands when she issues them in German — I can respond “Ja, meine Herrin” and so forth (if that’s not correct, I’m sure my wife will let me know).


It’s kind of surprising that I haven’t posted about this yet, because I really do have a huge smoking fetish.  I guess I’ve alluded to it before on several occasions, but this is the first post exclusively about it.  There are several aspects to my fetish.  First, I just plain like to see attractive women — especially my wife — smoke.  My wife is a social smoker, so it’s a special treat for me to see her smoke on occasion.  I’m not sure what the attraction is (I usually avoid trying to psychoanalyze myself too much).  I think part of it is the sensuality aspect, as women who smoke are clearly sensual creatures interested in their own pleasure; part of it is the “bad girl” aspect, because hot, rebellious grrls smoke, at least in my mind; and part of it is probably the predictable Freudian oral fixation — I love seeing my wife put things in her mouth.  In any case, I love watching my wife smoke.  These stupid smoke bans in bars kill me because that’s one of the main venues my wife likes to smoke in.

Second, my smoking fetish is closely tied to my interest in female domination, and I love nothing more than to see dominant women smoking seductively.  Connected with this is my love of serving my wife as a human ashtray.  We’ve done that a few times in BDSM clubs before, and I’d love to do more of that, but how it usually works is this: We usually go down to the basement and my wife sits in a “throne-like” chair.  I kneel before her and, if I’m lucky, I lick her pussy.   She can then relax and enjoy a glass of red wine and a cigarette while I continue kneeling before her and masturbate.  My favorite is when she wears a pair of hot, black leather boots and lets me cum on them.  I am of course obligated to clean up the mess I have just made on her beautiful boots.  All too often in the past, I have been lazy about licking up my cum, but I’m really trying to be better about that, as I love it when she has me lick up all my cum from wherever it lands.  We’re going to try to fix my problem with thoroughly licking it all up in August by having her control the towel (“cumrag”), so that the cumrag doesn’t come out until she says it does.  I can’t be lazy and rely on that.  I have to lick it all up with my tongue.

We talked a bit about ashtray play in our recent, mind-blowing Skype sex session on Saturday.  Two things came up.  First, we’ve talked about getting a cool-looking vintage ashtray into which I will sometimes masturbate.  I will then have to lick clean the ashtray after I cum into it.  That works out great because (1) it plays into both my smoking fetish and my desire to lick up my cum and (2) it means I don’t have to dirty up my wife’s ashtray with my cum.  She doesn’t want me to befoul her ashtray with my filth.  I mentioned shopping at thrift shops for the ashtray and she also suggested a nearby large flea market.  So I am definitely looking forward to picking up my new ashtray in August.  I also asked about the possibility of her putting out my ashtray for use at our next party and she said that she would be willing to do that.  I’d love to see her go into the bedroom, grab the ashtray, give me her devilish smile, and casually place my ashtray on the back table, making sure I know what’s going to happen.  I think the only people who would probably use it are my wife, her male friend A., and her female friend J. (I can’t think of any other smokers we might know here).  It’s not that I’m turned on by any of these people (other than my wife), or particularly want them specifically involved with my fetish, it’s just that it ties in with my exhibitionism and, I guess I have to admit, will be that kind of wonderful humiliation/degradation I like sometimes.  Plus, it’ll be just kind of fun and naughty (and will probably make me a little apprehensive during the party) to watch people ashing into my “special” ashtray and know that later on, after I dump the cigarette butts, I’m going to be licking it clean.  My wife also mentioned that she would be happy to put her cigarette out in my cum in the ashtray and then have me lick it clean some time.

Second, during Saturday’s Skype session, my wife said “I bet I know exactly what you’d like.”  I couldn’t imagine what she might be talking about.  “I bet you’d like me to put my cigarette out on your tongue, wouldn’t you?”  I, of course, said yes.  “I’d be willing to do that.  I know you’d like it.”  Now the interesting thing about this is that it came completely out of the blue.  I had kind of asked my wife if we cold ever work our way up to doing this — literally years ago — a couple times, but she never really bit, or seemed inclined to do it, so I just mentally made a note of that and figured it would never happen.  Didn’t want to push, didn’t want to make her uncomfortable asking for something “extreme” that she didn’t want to do, so I just made a mental note that I’d never bring it up again.  This woman’s a keeper though.  🙂  In all honesty, as long as I have some saliva in a little pool on my tongue (I can curl up the sides a bit), or better yet, have some of her saliva on my tongue, it shouldn’t hurt or be a big deal at all.  I’ve seen it in videos before, and it’s not a big deal as long as the sub has the saliva ready.

Some remaining unfulfilled fantasies related to my smoking fetish:

  • Stubbing out her cigarette on my tongue (as mentioned above).  Sounds like this one might get fulfilled.  🙂
  • Serving as an ashtray again in public.  I haven’t gotten to do this in years, but maybe we’ll go to a local BDSM club again some time if they ever have one again?
  • Watching my wife smoke while in a bikini and topless out back.  That one shouldn’t be too hard to arrange.
  • Having my wife smoke while wearing her latex dress: Ok, this one is a cheat, as I’ve gotten to see her do this, but it was probably about five or six years ago, and I’d really like to see it again.  Of course, this time, I’d like to cum on her latex dress and then do a very thorough job licking it clean.
  • Serving multiple women as an ashtray with my wife.  Yeah — probably not going to happen, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

Fantasy punishment

Posted: June 19, 2010 in fantasies, punishment, sex

Well, yes, it’s a fantasy, but like most of these, I’d really like it to happen some day.

So it begins when we’re at Target or out shopping.  My wife walks over and picks up a large tube of Icy Hot cream.  She leans over and whispers in my ear — I love it when she whispers naughty things to me, especially in public — “this is for when you’re bad.”  Then she gives me a cruel little grin and puts it in the cart.  That night, or another night, she tells me that I have indeed been bad and orders me to strip.  I quickly comply, then she tells me to fetch the Icy Hot out of the linen closet in the bathroom.  I bring it to her then she handcuffs my hands behind my back.  She sits down and while I present myself to her, standing in front of her, she squeezes out a generous dollop of the Icy Hot and rubs it all over my balls, lovingly massaging it in while holding my dick up with her other hand.  Then, for good measure, she rubs it on my penis as well.  She has me kneel down in front of her and cradles my head in my lap as the waves of heat and discomfort come over me.  I wriggle and squirm and cry out as the heat and pain affect me for a long time, all the while she strokes my hair, and whispers reassurances in my ear, and rakes across my back with her nails, as she does when I come on her boot or feet sometimes.  Then, when the pain has mostly passed for me, she has me sit up, then says simply, “Lick me.”  I gently start lapping at her pussy, feeling her clit become engorged, then, after a long, wonderful time, she cries out as she comes, hard, beneath my tongue.  I lay my head down in her lap again, smelling the scent of her wetness and pleasure.

“Did I do good for you?” I ask softly, looking up into her eyes when we’re done.

She smiles and tells me, “You’re my good boy.”